About Us

We realize that not every brand of raincoat or poncho fits everybody's style or size or shape. We also know that many of the compact ponchos or raincoats available are only rain resistant, not waterproof. What's the point of that?

We came together to create a rain poncho that fits your active lifestyle. Multitasking with an umbrella is impossible. We have all grappled with carrying bags or other activities while trying to protect ourselves from the rain. Not easy.

November Rain presents a stylish rain poncho that gives you a waterproof covering at the same time allowing you to carry on your normal activities.

Available in a range of stunning prints and colors, November Rain ponchos are printed using ecologically sound water less printing methods and quality crafted with heat sealed seams.

Designed in Australia, November Rain is all about combining lifestyle, design and functionality, in one powerful little package!