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Hear from some of the thousands of customers that absolutely love our ponchos! 


  • "Absolutely a 3 season garment, as it is lined. Excellent for walking the dog in the rain." - Rhonda H.

  • "Love the poncho. Totally waterproof! It has nice front pockets and a zipper. Great buy!" - Elaine Czerw

  • "I purchased this for a Disney trip because I was tired of buying throwaways. Was initially concerned due the the price difference between this and other options. This is extremely well made and by no means a throw away. I have packed it twice with no issues. Unless I am traveling, I leave it in my closet - ready to use. The color is a beautifful deep teal. I especially like the fact that I can throw it over anything- light tee shirt or heavy sweater and am still comfortable while looking good and staying dry." - Natalie. BN.

  • "Use the when I was on Cape Cod on a rainy day, wore it all day while being in and out of buildings, never got too warm or sticky and stayed perfectly dry, great product" Diana D

  • "I needed a raincoat that could be worn over bulky sweaters or ponchos... this coat is exactly that. I love the style of it and the weight is another good layer but not too heavy." Zinski

  • "Got this for my daughter who is moving to the northwest United States. She loves it. Easy to carry, don't have to worry with the raincoat." Lola M

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