8 Beautiful Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

8 Beautiful Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day


With February 14 just around the corner, romantics everywhere start wondering the same thing: how can I make Valentine's Day special this year? Of course, there's the traditional going out for dinner and typical chocolate gifts — but sometimes you may want to mix it up a little (or a lot) and ditch the usual "dinner out and box of chocolates" for something a little more creative and one-of-a-kind. Luckily, we've rounded up some of the best things to do on Valentine's Day, so you and your beau don't have to settle for a typical and unmemorable date on Valentine’s. Who wouldn't want a truly unique night full of romance that you'll both remember for years to come?

So instead of stressing over Valentine’s Day plans this year, simply choose a fun activity from our list, and you and your sweetheart (or group of friends!) will be feeling the love in no time! And whether you decide to stay in for a picnic or venture into the great outdoors this February 14, you're of course guaranteed to have a good time — because you'll be spending time with the one you love. 



  1. A Romantic Dinner (with a twist!)

Going out for dinner is the traditional thing to do on Valentine’s Day. But any restaurant worth going to is probably going to be packed, loud, and overpriced. If you’d rather do things a bit more intimately, one fun, thoughtful and romantic option is a picnic that can be shared indoors or out. You can put together a basket full of all their favorite stuff, add candles, music, bubbly and some nice snuggly pillows and throws and let the romance begin!



  1. Write a Poem or a Love Letter

Of all the grand romantic gestures in the world, there’s nothing that makes an everlasting declaration of love quite like the writing of a poem or love letter. Try taking it old school with a long, open love letter or a sentimental handwritten note. Here, you can detail all of the unique, impressive qualities that made you attracted to your beau in the first place along with the reasons why you’re fully committed to improving your bond in the years to come. 

Love poems can be sweet as chocolates on Valentine’s Day, cheesy as the worst pickup lines, and wistful as a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. If you’re in a relationship, reading a love poem can bring to mind the happiest memories of times with your special someone. If you’re single, love poems can fill you with an optimism and hopefulness of finding a person who makes your heart beat just as quickly as the words on the page. These love poems will be sure to make your heart quicken, make you smile, and even melt your cold heart if you’re feeling cynical about love these days. So pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy the heartfelt words that these poets meticulously put to page in these love poems.


  1. Take a Romantic Walk

No matter what the weather, strolling through a park or along a beach can be romantic all year round. The best thing about it? It’s completely free! You may even be lucky enough to walk through the park when it’s covered in beautiful, picture-perfect snow. Breathe in the beauty of nature together and enjoy some quality, uninterrupted time.



  1. Recreate a Special Time

What could be more romantic than recreating your very first date as a couple or recreating a smaller version of the magic from the day you said “I do.”?

Recreating your first date: You could find the movie you watched on your first date, or return to the bar where you first shared a drink together. You can bowl a few frames at the bowling alley you used to frequent when you first started dating, or put on a CD of the band you went to go see together on your first date. It’s the thought that counts, so pay close attention to all the details.

Recreate the Magic of your Wedding Day: Start by bringing out those wedding photos, picking up a cake similar to the one you had at your reception, buying the same flowers that were in her bouquet, and grabbing a nice bottle of champagne. You could even recreate some wedding photos and reshare your vows!



  1. Head to the Ice Rink

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, skating with your sweetheart is as romantic as it sounds. Even if you fall, someone will be there to catch you!



  1. Create an Itinerary of Your Best Hits

It’s time to think back to the most amazing memories you've made with your partner. Come up with a list of places you can re-visit together and create a playlist of all your favorite songs.



  1. Share a Romantic Night Under the Stars

You can go camping, or just set up for a few hours at night, in a location where the stars are visible. You can always head to a planetarium for a similar vibe if it's too cold outside.



8. Buy Yourself a Present.

 Loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else.

You’re awesome, you know it, so treat yourself! Whether it be a lovely new necklace, a new November Rain poncho, or a night of pampering, get out there and celebrate yourself, you deserve something nice!

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