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Clean Water, One Poncho at a Time.

Did you know 55% of children die in Malawi, Africa before their 5th birthday? November Rain is taking measures to reduce these preventable deaths through our clean water initiative. 10% of all November Rain proceeds are funding the implementation of clean water running to the Kondanani Children’s Hospital which will house up to 60 children. Thanks to you this project is already over halfway complete!

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Zambia Project kicks off in Lukanga Swampland

2019 sees us targeting several water projects in Zambia  - an area known for Chlorea and a high mortality rate due to Cholera. The first Zambia project has been confirmed and we will be working with the community on the Eastern side of Lukanga Swamp  60km west of Kabwe.  In the next couple of weeks will be the first time we are able to get the trucks in there after the monsoon.

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Mono-pump in Malawi

The mono pump is the simplest type of pump which pumps water up from a water bore.  Why a mono pump and why water bore instead of a well? It's a good question. Let's look at a simple water bore we put into a remote village in Malawi.  Here you can see from the images a village with typical mud brick huts, no sanitation, and no running water.  Electricity is basically unheard of and cooking is done on an open fire.  Sounds a lot like camping huh? 

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Water Culture Project Northern Thailand

November Rain teamed up with Australian horticulturists to implement the first Water Culture system in the Children's Rescue Mission in Northern Thailand. The Water Culture Project is a fresh produce growing system that has been developed to produce high quality, naturally grown fruit and vegetables 

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