Clean Water and Sanitation In Children's Hospital In Malawi

Clean Water and Sanitation In Children's Hospital In Malawi

Did you know 55% of children die in Malawi, Africa before their 5th birthday? November Rain is taking measures to reduce these preventable deaths through our clean water initiative. 

Children in Malawi are 48.5% more likely to die within their first 4 years of life than American children according to UNICEF’s most recent data. This is mostly due to HIV, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, and Malaria. Most of which are preventable. For us at November Rain, we can’t help but see the dire need for sanitary water systems for these children. 

November Rain has joined arms with Kondanani Children’s Village in Malawi, Africa. Among the sorrow and illness that surrounds these young children, there is hope in the small orphanage of Kondanani. Not only does Kondanani care for these stranded children, but also educates them through high school and prepares them to attend universities. 

10% of all November Rain proceeds are funding the implementation of clean water running to the Kondanani Children’s Hospital which will house up to 60 children.

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