Our Story

Adventures with the November Rain Pocnho!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mary, the owner of November Rain. Being the busy mother of four that I am, I was naturally drawn to these convenient products to protect myself and other women from the elements. 

Who hasn’t struggled unloading the shopping when it’s raining or trying to get outdoors when the weather isn’t great? It was always hard to find rainwear that wasn’t  too bulky or wouldn’t disintegrate after only a few uses. I wanted something that would last, that I could keep with me day to day to protect me from the elements and most importantly, something with a splash of colour to brighten up the world around me!

I was drawn to these ponchos as the obvious solution as they are hard wearing while being light, convenient and colourful! 

The environment is very important to me. I ensure that these poncho’s are printed using an eco-friendly waterless process. As i’m sure you are aware, there are many designs of cheap and nasty ponchos which rip or tear after only a few uses. My products don’t do that. And as a result, together we are preventing a huge amount of disposable plastic from ending up in the landfill. 

It’s also important to me to give back to the less fortunate. Throughout many parts of the world, the lack of safe clean water is a life threatening prospect. Many men, women and children die each year as a result of contaminated drinking water. We’re becoming part of the solution. I donate 10% of our profits into sustainable water development projects all over the world. Pop over to our Giving Back page to read about some of our recently completed and ongoing projects. 

Designed by women for women with the environment and the less fortunate in mind. Welcome to the new style of rainwear which works for women of all shapes and sizes while being better for the planet. Choose your favourite vibrant design and become part of the movement!