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Our Story

It's raining and you struggle with an umbrella while trying to carry your coffee and handbag and find your keys while you are at it? Or maybe you are blessed with curves or fabulously tall and willowy. and trying to find the "perfect size" is a nightmare? Or maybe even you are trying to find a poncho that isn't a gross green color, or at least not a cheap $2 job that will be trashed at the first sign of sunshine.

Whatever your reason, we've got you covered.

We realize that not every brand of raincoat or poncho fits everybody's style or size or shape. We also know that many of the compact ponchos or raincoats available are only rain resistant, not waterproof. What's the point of that?

You want style? ✅ 
You want fit? ✅ 
You want waterproof? ✅ 
You want something that is eco-printed with non-toxic dyes? ✅ 
(Okay! we're doing pretty good - but hang on! There's more!)

You want a poncho that you know gives back to the less fortunate. To people in far away communities, where women have to travel 4 hours, just to pick up water to take back for the family. Where children die, due to unsafe drinking water. Where water should be a human right, but for these people, it isn't.

November Rain was started in 2017 as a vehicle to fund water projects in Africa and today 10% of all revenue to paid forward to water bores and sanitation in countries such as Malawi and Zambia.

A Big ✅ for the Giving Back program.

Available in a range of stunning prints and colors, November Rain ponchos are printed using ecologically sound waterless printing methods and quality crafted with heat sealed seams. Plus they Give Back

Welcome! Be part of the movement!