Where do you ship from?

We ship from Ontario, Canada for our Ponchos. We have a select few products that we use partners around the world for that mean different shipping times. 

Please note, Dog Ponchos are a new product, so. this item will take longer than our People Ponchos! Please allow 30 days for this to arrive.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally - there is a larger cost outside of Canada and USA. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for any duties or taxes applicable in your country. Do message us if you are from outside of the US or Canada and we may be able to sort something out!

How can I be sure that the November Rain poncho fits me?

Check the sizing guide against your measurements. The November Rain poncho in Regular fits a medium build person and ample room for a backpack or an overcoat underneath. The Tall (available only in certain styles) generally fits someone who is 5.9" and taller. Please refer to our Size Chart 

Our ponchos are slightly longer in the back to accommodate backpacks or to protect your backside when sitting down on a wet park bench or bleacher. 

Do your ponchos have sleeves?

The November Rain rain poncho doesn't have sleeves as such, as not only can this be restrictive in sizing, but also it makes it harder to reach back inside the poncho to access a bag or a pocket for those important items such as wallet or keys. Let's face it, we don't want to be taking off our poncho in the pouring rain to get our car keys out!!

The November Rain rain poncho is buttoned at the wrist area. This gives the poncho closure at the wrist and the sleeve-like appearance and if raining the ability to reach inside the poncho to access essentials.

What is the lining made from?

The November Rain rain poncho is lined with a PU backing, no Rubber! In fact it is very lightweight while being waterproof and windproof.

How do I fold it?

Number one rule - make sure the poncho is dry before storing!  Like any fabric which is stored wet, mildew and bad smells can occur if the poncho is packed away when wet. Once dry, follow the instructions in this video and pack your November Rain rain poncho away for next time!

How do I care for my November Rain poncho?

Spot Clean or hand wash using mild soap and detergent and warm water.  Air Dry. Although you can machine wash (gentle cycle), washing in a machine may break down the natural rubber backing and we do not recommend it.

Why are your ponchos eco-friendly?

Our ponchos are printed using certified non-toxic inks and printed with an eco-friendly water-less printing method.  We do use virgin polyester as recycled polyester has non-stable polyester fibers that do not print as well as virgin polyester.  As well, we believe that the foot-print made by recycling polyester is greater than the manufacturing of virgin polyester.  Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles. What this means is, that bottles need to be collected, washed and cleaned, processed by a high energy manufacturing plant to create plastic pellets and then further manufactured into the polyester. 

The cost alone for this process is huge, both from a financial and environmental aspect.  We believe that using a reusable bottle in place of a plastic bottle is the answer to unwanted plastic bottles, not wasting valuable energy and natural resources to create recycled polyester.

As well, our ponchos are made to last. Cheap throwaway ponchos use as much energy to produce as our well-made quality ponchos that last a lifetime.

How much of my purchase goes towards your Giving Back projects?

We give 10% of our profit to our Giving Back Projects.  

My poncho is crinkled when it comes out of the pouch - what can I do?

As with all items of clothing that are tightly squeezed into a small bag, your poncho may appear to have wrinkles in when you first take it out. This is due to the natural rubber backing. The good thing is, after a short period the warmth of your body heats the rubber backing and the creases diminish. Also after a few wears, the natural rubber backing softens and the wrinkles are not as apparent.

If you need to remove all wrinkles immediately you can steam the poncho

Will there be more designs?

The answer is Yes! November Rain works on the seasonal cycles of the fashion world and will be launching new styles throughout the year.  Sign up to our mailing list to receive updates when new styles hit the streets!

How do I return an unwanted item?

November Rain return your poncho for a return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. However, returns are not accepted for International Orders. bear in mind, we're from New Zealand so can't send a pre-paid postage package to you from here (we have a partner in Canada and the US that ships to our customers).

Keep in mind, your November Rain rain poncho must be returned in new condition (unworn, tags, etc) to qualify for a return. 

Our refund policy does not cover items purchased at discount (ie items purchased on sale)

In order to request a shipping label for a return or exchange, please email hello@novemberrain.co

For more information please visit our return policy