Do you ship internationally?

November Rain ponchos are available in the United Kingdom on www.amazon.co.uk

We will have the ability to ship internationally from the USA April 2017.  Please sign up to our mailing list to  be notified when are are shipping to your neck of the woods!

One size fits all - how can I be sure that the November Rain rain poncho fits me?

Check the sizing guide against your measurements.  The November Rain rain poncho fits a medium build person and ample room for a backpack or an overcoat underneath.  This is why the poncho is slightly longer in the back to accommodate back packs etc.

Does it have sleeves?

The November Rain rain poncho doesn't have sleeves as such as not only can this be restrictive in sizing, but also it makes it harder to reach back inside the poncho to access a bag or a pocket for those important items such as wallet or keys.  Let's face it, we don't want to be taking off our poncho in the pouring rain to get our car keys out!!

The November Rain rain poncho is buttoned at the wrist area.  This gives the poncho closure at the wrist and the sleep like appearance, whilst still raining the ability to reach inside the poncho to access essentials.

What is the lining made from?

The November Rain rain poncho is lined with a heavy duty PVC - although, it's not heavy!  In fact it is very lightweight while being waterproof and windproof.  Any additional lining added will not only add weight to also bulk when the poncho is being packed away for easy transportation  - one of the main benefits of the November Rain rain poncho.

How do I fold it?

Number one rule - make sure the poncho is dry before storing!  Like any fabric which is stored wet, mildew and bad smells can occur if the poncho is packed away when wet.  Once dry, follow the instructions in this video and pack your November Rain rain poncho away for next time!

Will there be more designs?

The answer is Yes!  November Rain works on the seasonal cycles of the fashion world and will be launching new styles throughout the year.  Sign up to our mailing list to receive updates when new styles hit the streets!

How do I return an unwanted item?

November Rain will cover the cost of shipping for a return or exchange within 21 days of purchase. We will still accept an order for a return or exchange after 21 days, but we ask that you please cover the cost of shipping yourself.  However, returns are not accepted for International Orders.

Keep in mind, your November Rain rain poncho must be returned in new condition (unworn, tags, etc) to qualify for a return. 

Our refund policy does not cover items purchased at discount (ie items purchased on sale)

In order to request a shipping label for a return or exchange, please email hello@novemberrain.co

All unwanted items are donated to local homeless charities.