What are November Rain Poncho's Made of?

What are November Rain Poncho's Made of?

What are our rain ponchos made out of and why? 

November Rain ponchos are made from 100% polyester and are coated internally with a polyurethane membrane which makes them both windproof and waterproof. Below are some of the most important properties to consider when purchasing a raincoat or poncho. We explain why we chose to pair polyester and polyurethane to provide you with our premium products.  


Polyester is much more breathable when compared to traditional rubberised raincoats or plastic ponchos. Polyurethane has many similar structural properties to polyester and is similarly breathable. The increased breathability allows for better air circulation which keeps the wearer dry from both internal condensation and rain penetration.   


Polyester is considered a warm fabric. The polyurethane membrane acts as another layer of insulation. Our ponchos aren’t designed to work as a primary warmth layer, but to enable your underlayers to keep you warm. They will keep you dry and somewhat warm. But if you are going out into the cold we recommend some warm underlayers under your poncho for maximum comfort. 


Both polyester and polyurethane have fantastic moisture wicking properties. When explaining this, we often get asked: “What is moisture wicking?” In layman’s terms, moisture wicking is the process of transporting moisture away from the user’s skin. Our moisture wicking fabric serves two purposes: The first is to transfer moisture away from your body to the ponchos top layer, and the second is to allow the moisture to evaporate quickly so that it doesn’t keep you damp. 



Polyester has great moisture wicking properties but it isn’t completely waterproof by itself. It is closer to moisture resistant. That is why we pair it with the polyurethane membrane. Polyurethane is highly waterproof. The membrane acts as a protective barrier and stops rain from penetrating through the poncho. 



Both polyester and polyurethane are easy care materials. They are both shrink and wrinkle resistant which makes our ponchos much easier to look after. The polyurethane coating makes the polyester more robust and more resistant to tears, kinks and abrasion. Polyester is also fairly stain resistant so there is no need to fear if you end up wearing your lunch on a windy day. Because of the strength of our rain ponchos, they are safe to wash and line dry if they get dirty. They are best washed on a cold cycle and then line dried. Be aware that hot water or high heat drying can damage the fibres which usually keep moisture out. 

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