Be Practical AND Playful!

Be Practical AND Playful!
Whether you 20's or in your twilight years, giving yourself permission to blend practicality with just the right amount of playfulness is one of the greatest gifts, you can ever give yourself.

That magical time of year is upon us, Festival Season 2017! Rain protection is a necessity at any Festival because from Glastonbury to Bestival in the UK, or Lollapalooza in the United States there is always a chance of rain and mud. Though if you are lucky and it's blue skies and sunshine, there is no harm in being well prepared!

Newly launched rainwear brand November Rain guarantee they have the perfect solution and have come up with a stylish, quality rain poncho which is a sustainable alternative to one-use throwaway ponchos and far more effective than umbrellas. November Rain rain ponchos promise great coverage and protection, durability and fold down into a small 1lb, 7” packet, leaving plenty of room to pack all those festival outfits.

Have you ever tried to hold onto an umbrella while dancing in the rain? Or wearing one-use plastic ponchos at festivals, which tend to end up sticking to your skin and ripping? Dance in the rain in one of our rain ponchos, and I can assure you there is plenty of room to dance your heart out while staying dry, plus you still look great while wearing it!

Not only does November Rain provide an excellent rainwear solution but you feel even better knowing 10% of all revenue is donated towards water projects in developing countries via their Giving Back plan.

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