Water Culture Project Northern Thailand

Water Culture Project Northern Thailand

November Rain teamed up with Australian horticulturists to implement the first Water Culture system in the Children's Rescue Mission in Northern Thailand.

The Water Culture Project is a fresh produce growing system that has been developed to produce high quality, naturally grown fruit and vegetables by way of hydroponics.

The system is inexpensive and maximizes the usage of natural and local resources, as well as renewable energy (Solar). Therefore, it is well suited to application in developing countries and remote villages. The nutritional value of the produce is extremely high and improves the health of its consumers, especially growing children.


The Rescue Mission for Children Inc. was started in 1994 to aid in the social advancement and economic development of the Akha Hill tribe group and its children, although its doors are open to any children in need of care. Primarily it looks after the Akha hill tribe people, one of the smallest, poorest and least developed hill tribe groups in Southeast Asia.

Many of this population fled across the Burma border to Thailand fleeing from villages destroyed by Opium dealers, people traffickers, and sex industry slave dealers. The children of this hill tribe are at the greatest risk, and it is The Rescue Mission for Children that opens it's doors and offers them safety, food, and shelter.

Class of children at the Children's Rescue Mission 

Eating straight out of the garden - and enjoying it!

The founders son helping out in the kitchens

The children now get to eat a plentiful supply of free vegetables with EVERY meal!

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