Giving Back

While November Rain ponchos are all about protecting you and your clothing from the wet and windy elements, elsewhere pure rain water could not be more welcome. Communities within developing countries are often without clean drinking water or irrigation for their crops.

Dirty water is one of the most deadly threats to communities without proper sources of drinking water or sanitation. According to (2015), “Every minute a child dies from water-related illness”. People in developing countries have the difficult decision to choose whether to drink the water that causes death or not drink the water that might cause death.

Poor irrigation or inability to properly irrigate crops is a major source of food shortage in developing communities. The effect of badly implemented irrigation can also have a severe environmental impact, causing more harm than good.

November Rain understands the importance of these two major global water issues and pledges a full 10% of profit towards water projects to improve situations in developing countries. November Rain is not limiting the resources given to just clean drinking water, we are also funding irrigation projects for crops in areas where water can be the main limiting factor for people being able to put food on the table.


Clean Water and Sanitation In Children's Hospital In Malawi